Aqeel actives portal of educational supervision in Riyadh education

Published 17 Oct 2010
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Aqeel actives portal of educational supervision in Riyadh education
Riyadh - eMedia:
Director of Educational Supervision in the general administration of education in Riyadh for Boys Mr. Fahd Al-Aqeel said during the inauguration of the first meeting of the Programme of activating the electronic Portal to educational supervision in the region that the program aims to make maximum use of technology through the Internet so that admin can entry supervisory plan of all methods at any time, anywhere, as well as enable educational leaders to follow the supervisory process in the educational field, and extract a list of statistics for many of the requirements of the educational work (such as technical and coordinating visits, and visit schools rates... etc), in addtion to shorten the time, and accuracy in completion of the work, and speed.
This came in a meeting held at the Office of Education in Al Ruabe according to "Al-Riyadh"  newspaper, and in the presence of heads of departments of educational supervision and assistant Offices of Education for the Supervisory Affairs.

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