Shura strongly condemns plot to kill Saudi envoy

Published 17 Oct 2011
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Shura strongly condemns plot to kill Saudi envoy

Riyadh - SPA

Majlis Al-Shura strongly condemned and denounced an outrageous attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to United States of America, stressing that the attempt which was recently foiled by the U.S. authorities is against Islam values and tolerence.

The plot is a flagrant violation of all international conventions, diplomatic principles, rules of international relations, the country's sovereignty and integrity, Majlis Al-Shura made clear at the outset of its 57th session presided over by its Vice Speaker Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Hajjar.

In a statement read here yesterday by Dr. Hajjar, Majlis Al-Shura said the plot revealed a deep grudge of its planners and supporters against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its leadership, government and people due to KSA Islamic and international position and its leading role in maintaining regional security as well as its contribution to international peace and security.

Confirming its full support of all actions and policies undertaken by KSA government to preserve the security and stability of this precious country and its people and deterring whoever tries to tamper with the security and safety of Saudi diplomats abroad, Majlis Al-Shura asserted its rejection of the conspiracy and all plots to destabilize and threatens the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia security and spread sedition among its people.

Majlis Al-Shura appealed to the international community, world and regional parliamentary unions as well as Arab, Islamic and international legislative councils and parliaments to condemn this terrorist attempt which threatens international peace and security. It called for excercise of pressure and action against all those who support terrorists to abandon such practices.


Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 2:48 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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