New criteria, regulations for development of health services

Published 18 Apr 2009
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New criteria, regulations for development of health services
Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, Minister of Health, emphasized the importance of finding standards and regulations for the development of health services to be applied in the Ministry's hospitals at the first stage and then apply to all hospitals.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah called for more transparency and credibility in respect of medical licenses, referring to some practices and irregularities "we will apply the regulations against irregularities" he said, according to Aljazerah newaspaper.
During a meeting with members of the Medical Committee in the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, he commended the role played by the private health sector, as a key partner to the Ministry of Health in providing medical services, and presenting a number of proposals to enhance the performance of private health sector through identifying of a strategy for Inter-action between Ministry and the private health sector.
Meanwhile, Dr. Sami Al-Abdulkarim, member of the Board of Directors, chairman of the Medical Commission said that the Commission seeks to promote joint action and coordination through a strategy aims to create a reference to the private medical sector with the Ministry of Health.

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