STC shows IPTV service at GITEX Exhibition 2009

Published 18 Apr 2009
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STC shows IPTV service at GITEX Exhibition 2009
RIYADH - The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has confirmed completing all preparations to provide the latest services in the GITEX Saudi Exhibition 2009, which will be held in Riyadh next Sunday.
From these services, for the first time in kingdom and region, STC provides the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service allowing for its DSL customers to enjoy watching visual content (satellite television channels, videos, interactive programs, etc.) on TV screen in a high quality and clarity through Internet at high speeds.
STC provides live display for its visitors in GITEX exhibition stand to get near to the task and many advantages offered by this service to customers.
STC said that IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivers television programming to households via a broadband connection using Internet protocols. IPTV is typically bundled with other services like Video on Demand (VOD), voice over IP (VOIP) or digital phone, and Web access, collectively referred to as Triple Play.
IPTV viewers will have full control over functionality such as rewind, fast-forward, pause, and so on. Also the service of Pay per view enables the customers to select the desired programs to be viewed once or for a set period of time.
This technology is currently provided by global telecoms companies and the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) seek to practice this service during GITEX Exhibition in Riyadh.

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