Saudi Customs launches phone service "1918"

Published 18 Apr 2009
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Saudi Customs launches phone service "1918"
An official spokesman of the Said Customs, Mr. Abdullah Al-Kharboush said that a new customs phone service has been launched to facilitate procedures for partners and customers from importers, customs clearance bodies and other loyal clients.
 He disclosed that the "1918"service phone allow availability of access to information, where user can be easily connected and feed with any proposals by enabling him to speak directly to the appropriate staff member or leave a voice message sent directly to his E-mail.
 These services are available to public free of charge, each participant is paid a secret number through customs outlets enables him to get access to the automated customs system and to a number of services including: inquire on the status of the customs declaration, status and stage of search and inspection, pending collection, clearing, status of the payment of customs duties, number of items, tariff items and items exempt from customs duties, information about the arrival of a ship or air cargo flights, and a bill of lading.. etc.
 It is also possible to obtain general information service, or on one of the items under tariff, or query a guide on customs procedures, import, export and temporary entry through visiting the website

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