King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy established for welfare of Saudi Community

Published 18 Apr 2010
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King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy established for welfare of Saudi Community
Riyadh, SPA:
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz issued a royal order on Saturday for establishing ''King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy'' for peaceful purposes.
The establishment of this city that is administratively linked to the Premiere, will enable the Kingdom to anticipate the needs of society and planning for responding accurately and thoughtfully in a way that could boost the rate of development and give the Kingdom knowledge ability according to international conventions and treaties governing the peaceful use of energy and providing the necessary materials for medical uses in agriculture and health. The order stated that the city headquarter will be in Riyadh city with its authority to establish subordinate branches, offices, and research centers all over the kingdom.
Another royal order was also made, appointing Dr. Hashim bin Abdullah Yamani as head of the City in the rank of minister. Further, he appointed Dr. Walid bin Hussein Abu Al-Faraj, Umm Al-Qura University Rector, as deputy head of the new city in the rank of minister. In addition, he appointed Dr, Khalid Bin Mohamed Al-Sulaiman as deputy head of the New city for Renewable Energy affairs in the first-class.
''Regulatory procedures shall be taken to review relevant regulations affected by the provisions of this law'', the royal order said. The city would be in charge of promoting research and sealing future deals. It would also oversee activities related to the use of atomic energy, especially that the kingdom is witnessing sustained growth making it in continuous demand for power and desalinated water due to high population growth and subsidized prices of water and power.
The order provided that the city will have the capacity to establish and operate other related projects enabling it to achieve its planned objectives. It can also get into joint projects with others and make partnership with other similar international organizations and world research centers.
It included that the city will be the Competent Agency in charge of fulfilling all national requirements in reference to all treaties signed or will be signed by the Kingdom regarding atomic and renewable energy. The city will also be responsible for supervising over all works related to atomic energy and any radioactive wastes brought about its projects. In addition, all atomic relevant departments and administrations that are currently at king Abdulaziz city for sciences and technology, will be transferred to King Abdullah City for Atomic Energy.
The city regulatory laws stated that it will have a Supreme Council headed by the Premiere with membership of Deputy to Premiere who will be the Council vice-president, the Second Deputy to Premiere, Minister of Foreign affairs, Minster of Education, Minster of Petroleum and Minerals, Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister of Water and Electricity, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Health, Head of king Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, and Dr. Mohamed bin Ibrahim Al-Swail.
It provided then that the Supreme Council of the City will have the highest competence supervising over its management. The Council will be fully competent to make decisions needed to achieve the city objectives within its regulatory laws. It has especially the competence to approve project of national atomic and renewable policy and plans necessary for its execution. It also has the authority to approve programs and projects executed by the City and all relevant administrative and financial actions.
The Council of the City shall convene headed by its president or vice-president or deputized representative, and such convention shall never be acceptable in case more members are absent. In this respect, resolutions made should be taken by majority of opinions, and if such opinions are equal, only the opinion outweighed by the President will be effective.
While The city will have an independent annual budget, it will be able to draft budgets for programs lasting for more than a year if necessary. Financing the city will be made through allocations of the State Budget, and revenues achieved by the City in addition to grants and endowments if accepted by the City council.

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