SAA succeeds in implementing Kyoto plans

Published 18 Jun 2009
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SAA succeeds in implementing Kyoto plans
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Jeddah - The Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) has succeeded in implementing plans of Kyoto pertaining to reducing emission of carbon dioxide at the airspace of the European Union.
It has also succeeded in reducing consumption of fuel in a manner that leads to the preservation of the environment and sparing money.
Assistant Director General of SAA for air operation Captain Talal Okeil, according to Saudi Press Agency,  said the international aviation companies engage in competition to reach their goals as regards adherence to the time fixed by the EU pertaining to reduction of emission of carbon dioxide caused by the engines of the planes.
Al-Okeil said SAA has set strict measures and well-studied plans for operation and following the required procedures.
He said the aviation companies should, effective from March 31, 2011, submit a report on gas emission caused by the engines of the planes.
The companies which fail to submit the report will be subject to severe sanctions.
He pointed out that the Arab air transport federation has been working for a fair system towards the developing countries. It is worth mentioning that Kyoto agreement has stemmed from the UN conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which was concerned with environment and development.

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