Jazan University gets IAU's membership

Published 18 Jul 2009
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Jazan University gets  IAU's membership
Jazan - The UNESCO-affiliated International Association of  Universities (IAU)  has approved  the membership of Saudi Jazan University, as the first new Saudi university approved by UNESCO.
International Association of Universities (IAU)  pointed out on IAU's website that the accession of Jazan University to IAU comes according to its commitment with standards and rules required by IAU, which include the quality of outputs, potentialities, modern and material equipments, academic partnership with international  universities, the number of male and female students, teaching staff, colleges as well as the university's infrastructure, academic and administrative structure, supporting deanships, research centers and the amount of budget allocated for University.
The rector of  Jazan University HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Ali Al Hayazi, according to Saudi Press Agency, said that Jazan University is the first new Saudi university and the fifth among Saudi universities, which receive the membership of International Association of Universities (IAU).

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