Al-Ghad forum 2009 opened

Published 19 Apr 2009
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Al-Ghad forum 2009 opened
RIYADH - Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz, Vice Governor of Riyadh patronized yesterday evening the opening ceremony of Al-Ghad forum 2009 under the slogan “Partners with the Youth” which will last for three days, at Nayyara Hall in Riyadh.
 The Forum aims to strengthen the role of youth as a partner in the vision and responsibilities and development aspirations.
Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz stressed, as Saudi Press Agency reported, that the preparation for tomorrow requires the concerted efforts and mobilize all energies and capabilities to work together to activate the role of youth as a prime partner for development of this country and its potentialities and capacity-building.
Al Ghad Forum aspires to create a platform through which can address and discuss ways of stimulating society partnerships. It aims to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable society development, in keeping with the constantly changing world dynamics. It also aims to face the global challenges head on by enhancing the competitiveness of our national economy.

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