A new GIS project at Ministry of Interior

Published 19 Apr 2010
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A new GIS project at Ministry of Interior
Riyadh, eMedia:
The National Information Center at the Ministry of Interior has lately started to build a new Geographic Information System "GIS" to support all the Ministry's sectors. Within the framework of unifying efforts to provide integral and speedy services, such a System is to be executed by highly professional specialists in partnership with Security Patrols, Civil Defense and Deputy-Ministry for Region's Affairs.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Fahd Al-Masoud, the GIS project Manager stated that these GIS provide an information infrastructure that helps collect various data geographically, so that unified decisions can be made for various sectors and on different levels. Implementation will be on two phases, the first of them will be dedicated to cover Ministry Sectors in Riyadh while the other will be for covering the remaining sectors all over the Kingdom, he said.
After implementing all the project phases, the Ministry sectors security services will be more reinforced thanks to all potentials provided by the new GIS project, he pointed out. Such improvement will include the mechanism for receiving phone-calls coming to operation rooms, locating accurately where the dialer is through the map so as to support him speedily, specifying the shortest distance to reach accident locations easily in addition to the possibility of Security Patrols policemen to receive reports directly, he illustrated. "This new system will be equipped with the potential of managing and monitoring vehicles movements", added the Project Manager.

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