New educational e-Systems at schools of Makhwah Province

Published 20 May 2010
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New educational e-Systems at schools of Makhwah Province
Baha, e-Media:
General Directorate of Education in Makhwah province launched yesterday an e-System enabling parents to follow up their sons' status utilizing Internet and latest technologies available at schools.
Turki bin Ahmad Al-Zebaidy, General Director of Education at Makhwah province pointed out that this project has been envisioned to avail academic programs that support students achieve various benefits. It helps in addition enhance communications among students, teachers and parents and disseminate IT culture. Such a project will result in improving students' skills and innovations through flexibility attributed to the educational process, he stated.
On the other hand, the General Director of Education in Makhwah declared the the Directorate's attempt to establish educational services centers at a number of schools. Such centers are planned to improve academic process, he said confirming that awareness programs about such centers is of great importance.

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