Committee of e-educational administration project formed

Published 19 Aug 2009
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Committee of e-educational administration project formed
Riyadh - Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, Minister of Education has issued  a decision to implement the project of electronic educational administration as one of the strategic projects of the Ministry of Education for the next phase, in supporting the transition to e- government and improving the educational process, quality control of performance and establishing informative infrastructure in the Ministry.
The acting spokesman of Ministry of Education, Mohammed Al-Dukhaini  pointed out, according to Saudi Press Agency, that the implementation of the project will be according to the decision of  Minister of Education to set up a supreme supervisory committee for e-educational administration project headed by the Deputy Minister of Education for boys education, Dr. Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Sabti.  
" The functions of the Supreme Supervisory Committee are to determine the project's vision, objectives and priorities, overall supervision of the project, adopting its strategies and operational plans and approving its policies and procedures as well as monitoring its performance, follow-up work, reviewing and adoption the project's outputs and coordination with the departments benefiting from it", Al-Dukhaini  said.

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