Alghamdi in MENA ICT Forum: e-learning has become an inevitable choice in the Arab States

Published 19 Oct 2010
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Alghamdi in MENA ICT Forum: e-learning has become an inevitable choice in the Arab States
Amman - e-media:
General Supervisor of IT in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Jarallah Saleh Al-Ghamdi said that e-learning has become an inevitable choice in the Arab countries, stressing the need to develop a teacher first and qualifying him, so that he leaves the traditional model in education, and transfers to the stage of digital education.
That came during the participation of Dr. Al-Ghamdi in Middle East and North Africa Information & Communications Technology(MENA ICT Forum 2010), hosted by Amman recently under the slogan "The challenges of yesterday ... Tomorrow opportunities".
Ghamdi stressed the critical role played by the electronic infrastructure in the transition to digital education.
On the other hand, there was a conversation in the forum about the Arabs need to invest heavily in digital technology in all forms, if they wanted to stay in touch with the ride progress globally.
Conversation in the digital Arabic content on the Internet occupied a large area of forum interest where forum stressed the importance of increasing the Arabic content on the Internet.
Many experts emphasized that this content increase and publishing it on the Internet, is an essential element in the spread of the Internet and its technologies, such as "Cloud Computing" in the Arab States.
Forum also presented some cases of success in IT at the Arab level, such as site "maktoob", which came to the world, after the site "Yahoo", the famous American website, acquired it.
Experts in the forum predicted that the use of Arabic words in writting the Domain Name on the Internet, to increase the Arab users of the Internet; because it breaks the common image that Internet is monopoly on who mastered a foreign language..
Others pointed out that the lack of information and resources, prevents the growth of digital content in the Arab world, praising the idea of portfolio information system in the UAE, which provides loans to help promotting this content.

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