Minister of Communications Signs Phase Two of "Safe Government Network" Contract With Mobily Company

Published 20 Jan 2010
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Minister of Communications Signs Phase Two of "Safe Government Network" Contract With Mobily Company
Riyadh, The minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Mohammed Jameel Mulla signed here yesterday  with the United Communications Company (Mobily) a contract for the
administration, operation& maintenance (Phase Two) . The project aims to meet the requirements of e-Government Program (Yesser) in order to administer, operate and refurbish the Government Network in accordance with international standards and in conformity with specifications and technical standards developed by the program.
The project includes the execution of Government Secure Network Infrastructure (GSN), the requirements of the network, the Network Information Security Center and Network Monitoring Center in addition to the administration, operation and Maintenance of the Government Secure network (GSN) in accordance with international standards.
Following the signing of the contract, the Minister thanked those who are taking the responsibility of the project and urged them to exert more efforts to see to it that it succeeds. The Minister also
thanked government agencies which have participated in the 1st phase of the project and he called on them to continue cooperation to implement the second phase of the project in accordance with time schedule specified by the Government Electronic Transactions (Yesser).
The Minister added that this project is a major block in the implementation of the Leadership's desire to transform government agencies into the e-government because it provides an expanded electronic link among various government agencies which will enable them to exchange services and data easily in addition to supporting joint electronic services with each other.
On his part, the Adviser of the Minister, the director general of the e-government (Yesser) Eng. Ali Al Somae, said that the provision of services through the electronic transactions requires first to
develop mechanisms for safe electronic transactions, this he added, will be achieved by implementing the Successive phases of GSN project. The Advisor noted that the Government  Secure Network is a major constituent of the technical infrastructure of the Government Electronic Transactions in the Kingdom and which links various government agencies by external servers.
The Advisor added that this project is the second stage of the GSN project with the first stage included linking 43 major government agencies with which many of its affiliated agencies are linked, while the new contract links more than 100 major government agencies with the data Center of the Government Electronic Transactions in addition to the fact that it will enable 'Yesser" to be the linking loop between Government Agencies and standardizing the link between government agencies in order to reduce cost.

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