Smart Buildings at Princess Noura University Are Now Ready For Use

Published 20 Feb 2010
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Smart Buildings at Princess Noura University Are Now Ready For Use
Makkah Al Mukarramah. The Smart Buildings of the Faculties of Pharmacy,  Physiotherapy, Nursing, Languages, Translation Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Kindergartens, Literature and the Preliminary Year  at Princess Noura bint Abdurrahman University have now been completed.
According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information who is also the supervisor of e-government Transactions, Communications and Computer Sciences at the University Dr. Usamah Abun Naja said that the furnishing included 440 smart classes with electronic platforms, interactive blackboards,  projectors and 54 computer laboratories with 32 computers each that could accommodate 1728 students. The Dean added that the new building have meeting halls equipped with  audio systems and visual display screens in all the corridors and yards, as well as operating educational system and the electronic attendance system.
He added that Internet service was provided within the premises through the wired or wireless connection of computers to the University network, in order to fit these buildings and the ambitious aspirations of the University to provide the highest level of performance for students to compete with their peers from all over the world in light of the potential and the availability of higher educational methods and modern technology and qualified training and personal skill and academic excellence.

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