Health Ministry reassures people advising how to deal with sandstorms

Published 20 Mar 2010
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Health Ministry reassures people advising how to deal with sandstorms
Riyadh, eMedia:
Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Alrabea, Minister of Health, issued lately a range of directives to all managers of Health Affairs all over the kingdom to take complete procedures necessary to sustain people's health, especially in regions affected by sandstorms.
The Ministry reassured all citizens and residents that no critical cases aroused due to sandstorms that have been hitting different regions of the kingdom these days.
It confirmed in a statement issued yesterday that all hospitals and related departments are ready to deal with any emergency cases. The statement stressed, on one hand, that all hospitals emergency departments work all day and night, pointing out, on the other hand, that such departments in regions most affected by the storms i.e.; Riyadh, Qassim, Hael, and the Eastern Region have taken all required precautions to receive any emergency cases including respiratory system patients, old-aged or little children, in spite of the much more visits of such cases these days.
Recommending the dust masks to be worn while being in streets, The statement included the Ministry advice for any person who suffers from chest diseases to stay home and leave only when it is a must, pointing out that molecules of storm dust irritate respiratory system resulting in nasal allergy.

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