Jeddah Municipality Website gained C3W quality emblem

Published 20 Apr 2009
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Jeddah Municipality Website gained C3W quality emblem
The Website of Jeddah Province Municipality has implemented all quality assurance standards adopted by the Organization of C3W, which specialized in web pages programming, and received the pass emblem on theme of the validity test of coding (HTML) and the validity of formula (CSS) granted by the Organization as a quality assurance of web pages.
Dr. Arwa Alama, the Director-General of e-connecting Administration said, according to the Saudi Press Agency, that the standard is a set of guidelines, recommendations and techniques that have been built by C3W Organization and some other members of large companies, experts and specialists, and designers. These recommendations give a list of methods which should be used during the design of any web page, and also gives a list of how the browsers must be presented at this page.
She added that this step makes the website of Jeddah Province Municipality available to all web users and their different types of PCs and programs.
Dr. Arwa pointed out that this initiative comes within its efforts to implement of multiple e-government services to enable it for users of citizens, beneficiaries and investors 24 hours a day seven days a week, regardless of their geographical locations, where the province of Jeddah was launched several months ago, a system copy to allow users to access the site through their mobile.

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