Emir of Makkah adopts "Wasel address" in housing permits for pilgrims

Published 20 Jun 2009
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Emir of Makkah adopts "Wasel address" in housing permits for pilgrims
Jeddah - Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Makkah Region, has approved adopting "Wasel" address in all housing permits for pilgrims due to facilitate service sectors in providing housing in emergency situations.
The president of Saudi Post Corporation, Dr. Mohammad Saleh Bentin, according to "Okaz" newspaper pointed out that the decision of Emir of Makkah, is one of the numerous adoptions of government agencies, including security patrols, traffic, Red Crescent, and Holy Makkah Municipality, to use Wasel address in finding sites within the residential areas accurately and accessibly.
On the other hand, Emir of Makkah, chairman of the executive committee of squatter areas, inaugurates today the executive works for project of King Abdul Aziz 's road.
At a meeting prior to launch of the project, It will discuss with the committee of addressing and development of squatter areas in Makkah, development of squatter areas in the region, and  the operational steps to address the social conditions of the dwellers of squatter areas, finding ways to train and reintegrated them into society, as well as mechanisms to deal with violators of residence and work regulations in the Kingdom and the great impact of King Abdul Aziz's road, in addressing and development of a number of squatter areas in Makkah.

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