Prince Naif highlights 4th anniversary of pledge of allegiance to King

Published 20 Jun 2009
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Prince Naif highlights 4th anniversary of pledge of allegiance to King
JEDDAH- Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Premier and Interior Minister, described King Abdullah as a leader of great achievements. Speaking to Saudi Arabian Television’s Channel One on the fourth anniversary of King Abdullah’s ascension to the throne, Prince Naif said the Kingdom’s security and stability encouraged international companies to invest in the country, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
“King Abdullah is a great leader and a man of big achievements. He has done a lot for the development of Saudi Arabia and to promote its reputation globally,” Prince Naif said.He highlighted the government’s efforts to bolster the country’s security and stability through a successful campaign to flush out terrorists and militants. “Had there been no security we could not have achieved this economic progress because capital does not move except in a secure atmosphere,” he explained.Prince Naif said foreign companies and institutions were coming to the Kingdom to take part in its development projects as a result of its economic strength and stability.“We see now that all shares floated in the Kingdom’s stock market are subscribed in an extraordinary manner because there are billions of riyals of liquid money,” the second deputy premier said. “We can tell the world our economy is in a better position,” he said.
Prince Naif also noted King Abdullah’s principled stand on the regional, Arab and international issues. “He has been working for the interests of the Ummah, the Palestinian issue and the Islamic world,” he pointed out.He also referred to the Arab peace initiative, which was the brainchild of King Abdullah. “Such an initiative was the demand of Palestinians and all countries,” he said. He further praised the initiative taken by King Abdullah for the reconciliation of Arab leaders during the Arab economic summit, which was held in Kuwait earlier this year.
“At the international level, Saudi Arabia is now held in high esteem. Saudi Arabia was the only Arab country that took part in the G-20 meetings in the US and Britain, and this shows its important position,” he said.He said US President Barack Obama’s visit to the Kingdom before going to Egypt to deliver his historic speech also reflected Saudi Arabia’s growing international stature.

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