Excellence Award in e-learning and distance education launched

Published 20 Oct 2009
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Excellence Award in e-learning and distance education launched
Riyadh - The  National Center for e-learning and distance education receives the participations in Excellence Award, launched by Dr. Khalid Al-Anghari, Minister of Higher Education in the First International Conference on e-learning under the theme: "To deepen the Concepts of Creativity and Innovation" in order to stimulate university educational institutions and its affiliates to develop e-learning in the Kingdom and rewarding the distinguished in this area.
The General Director of the National Center for e-learning and Distance Learning, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Megren, pointed out, according to "Al-Eqtisadiah" newspaper, that the excellence award to be granted only for educational institutions and the excellence in developing content that serve university education in the kingdom.
He explained that for participation in the competition,  it is required  to complete the business, and fill out the registration form on the award's website ( ) before the date of 1/1/1431H, providing data of admission to the arbitration commission  as well as the commitment with the intellectual property rights of images, audio files and contents used in the business.

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