Ministry of Labor launches Online Employment Service

Published 20 Oct 2009
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Ministry of Labor launches Online Employment Service
 Riyadh - The Ministry of Labor began yesterday, the first phase of the training on "online employment service, companies' registration and correction of data" program within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry to launch its electronic services.
The implementation of this program comes within a series of e-government programs, which will be implemented continuously in all activities of the Ministry, to prepare the staff to deal with e-government, the ministry website reported.
The Ministry of Labor  has recently offered a special (link) on the ministry's  web site for "e-Employment Service", that enables the unemployed to find a  suitable job.
Through this section, a job-seeker can put down and formulate his own curriculum vitae , which records all data related to his educational qualifications, previous practical skills and experience, if any, in addition to specifying the profession he wishes to perform .These information are then exposed to be reviewed by businessmen of companies, offices and all those who have job vacancies and are looking for suitably qualified employees to fill these posts.
It is worth mentioning that this site serves both sexes (males, females) and has registered since the beginning of this section in Ramadan ,until now, about (5905)registrations, of them (4077) males and (1828) females.

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