Information crimes patterns and procedure rules at NAUSS

Published 20 Oct 2010
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Information crimes patterns and procedure rules at NAUSS
Riyadh - SPA:
Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) organized a scientific lecture yesterday under the title (IT crimes: some patterns and procedure rules) by the Chairman of the Egyptian Society for combating crimes of computers and the Internet Judge Dr. Mohamed Alfy, in presence of a delegation of prosecutors in GCC countries.
The paper dealt with criminal proceedings relating to crimes of the Internet in the Arab States and the world, and how to investigate these crimes, and patterns of crime information and the Internet (rumors, threats, extortion, penetration, disruption, intellectual property, spoofing qualities official, Sites against, and thefts of credit cards), what information security, information protection from damage, loss and penetration (PCs & networks), viruses, the dangers and threats of the deception, interception and destruction of communication channels, developing of the Internet and measures to be taken to address crimes associated with, and other relevant topics.
Director of Public Relations and Media in NAUSS, Dr. Khaled bin Abdul Aziz Alharvc explained that this important lecture is organized under the University's efforts to combat developed crimes, and to keep up with technical developments in the fight against crime, where the university has organized several seminars and courses on combating cyber terrorism and information security, as it produced many scientific studies on computer crimes and security of the Internet, in addition to discussing these crimes through (16) Master and PhD Graduate School of the University.
He added that the College of Graduate Studies in the University awarded Diploma of cybercrime, digital evidence, which includes a number of courses of the most important entrance to the computer and information security, and methods of cybercrime and procedures for response, cybercrimes and investigation of cybercrimes, and Digital criminal evidence.

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