New rules on violations of health laws adopted

Published 20 Dec 2009
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New rules on violations of health laws adopted
Riyadh - Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah has adopted the guiding rules and criteria for violations of health laws that aim to achieve justice in the judgments of the committees examining violations of health laws.
The resolution, according to  Saudi Press Agency, includes  that the health affairs to nominate competent members of violations committees and to be presented to the Directorate General of Legal Affairs, together with CV of each candidate to prepare a draft decision to form a committee in accordance with the rules, then the Health Affairs  will submit the resolutions of violations committees to the legal department before approval of the Minister of Health to make sure they meet the statutory procedures.
The ministry's adoption for  these regulations comes from its keenness to avoid discrepancies between the resolutions of the committees examining violations of health laws and regulations, identifying  the violations and help provide the basis for the formal decisions of the committees. The resolution will be applied on the committees examining violations on the provisions of the practice of health professions, private health institutions laws, installations and pharmaceuticals law and its regulations.

Last Modified Date: 10/05/2015 - 12:36 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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