Saudi Environmental Society to observe "Earth Day"

Published 21 Apr 2009
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Saudi Environmental Society to observe "Earth Day"
Jeddah -- Saudi Environment Society will observe "Earth Day" on Wednesday, which falls every year on April 22.
The "Earth Day" festivities will be observed in the presence of Prince Turki bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, President of PME (Presidency of the Meteorology and Environmental Protection) and Chairman of the Saudi Environmental Society.
The celebrations of the "Earth Day" include the participation of students from colleges and public schools as well as Associations of volunteering works which are engaged in a campaign of Environment Protection, mainly facilitating cultivation of a number of seedlings beneficial to the environment, promoting awareness programs on solid and liquid wastes.
The programs of these celebrations also include art and literary competitions as well as cultural activities on environmental awareness.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:56 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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