Saudi Geological Survey explained Al-Ais Tremors

Published 21 May 2009
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Saudi Geological Survey explained Al-Ais Tremors
Madinah - The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS), explained yesterday that the SGS air inspection conducted recently at "Al Harrat AS-Shaqqah"... (Lava field) and the surrounding areas, revealed the existence of what it described as ground groves at the seismic activity area.
According to Saudi Press Agency,  SGS also disclosed a remarkable increase in the number of earthquakes to 46 on Tuesday; the most powerful earthquake recorded which hit the area yesterday night was 5.39 degrees on the Richter Scale, while the rest of the tremors ranged between 3 and 4.8 degrees.
In a statement issued yesterday, SGS said the earth tremor measuring 4.81 on the Richter scale was at a depth of 7.7 km and occurred at 9.38 am (local time) Tuesday morning and was felt by residents in Al-Ais and its neighboring villages and that the tremor was felt in Omlug, Yanbu and the northern districts of Madinah.
The SGS reassured the variables associated with this activity in terms of the rise in temperature and concentration of radon gas in some regions of volcanic area of "Al Harrat AS-Shaqqah."
Mayor of Al-Ais Ahmed Al-Buraiket said since the beginning of the reporting of the occurrence of earthquakes at the center of Al-Ais and neighboring area, it generated big interest interaction among all concerned governmental bodies at Al Madinah Governorate.

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