An e-System for Scholarships launched by Islamic University in Madina

Published 21 Jun 2010
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An e-System for Scholarships launched by Islamic University in Madina
Madina, e-Media:
Dr. Mohamed bin Ali Al-Aqla, Rector of the Islamic University in Madina, launched yesterday an e-System titled "Minhaty" that is dedicated to receive scholarship applications electronically through the University's website.
Dr. Salim Ba-Abdullah, Deputy of admission and registration deanship, pointed out that such a new program is available through 7 languages i.e. Arabic, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Urdu and Indonesian in addition to other languages that will be soon added. Through such a website, students can apply to register their data requesting to get scholarships especially that they can attach all documents required, follow up and modify their applications before the deadline, and get the acceptance notifications which enable them to get entry visas and travel tickets, he said.
He stated that the new e-System enables the university to have the scholarships fairly distributed among students all over the world in case that a student registers all data required. The new system helps to automatically put aside the non-complying applications notifying such applicants that their data are not compliant with the conditions defined, he said adding that the system offers a complete registration containing all important information about the University's students afterwards.
Dr. Ba-Abdullah said that the new e-System helps students to easily fill in the application as it contains 70% of its data already mentioned, requiring the students only to choose from a dropping down list or answering with "Yes" or "No". The system allows to offer additional answers or options based on data entered by the students to be used later when personal online interviews are made.

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