Shoura Council sends ‘permanent residence’ study back to committee

Published 21 Jun 2011
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Shoura Council sends ‘permanent residence’ study back to committee
Riyadh, SPA:
Presided over by its Vice Speaker Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Hamza Hajjar, the Shoura Council held its 43rd session within its third year of its fifth round.
After a thorough discussion of the legal interpretation of the essence of permanent residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated in Article II of the Social Insurance, the Shoura Council decided to send the issue again to the ad hoc committee which has studied it before for further study and submit its views to a future session.
Following the meeting, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, Secretary General of the Shoura Council, said the members then discussed the annual report on the performance of the Real Estate Fund for the fiscal year 1430-1431 H. and returned it to the pertinent committee to further study it and submit it to a further meeting.
The Transport, Communications and Information Technology Committee which submitted a report on ways to transfer the Kingdom to an knowledge and informative society was advised to take into consideration the points raised by several members and re-submit it to a future session.

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