NGHA launches Electronic Health Project

Published 21 Nov 2009
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NGHA launches Electronic Health Project
Riyadh - National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) has successfully implemented the second phase of health information systems project "e-Health" after linking Imam Abdurrahman bin Faisal hospital in Dammam, King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al Ahsa and their primary clinics to the system of unified electronic health file to join the hospitals in the first phase.
The project manager, Mohammad Al-Musalm, pointed out , according "Al-Riyadh" newspaper , that the most important components of the unified health system include scheduling of patients, follow-up and contributing to remove medical errors resulting from prescriptions and it also alerts the doctor if the medicine contains chemical reactions.
The system helps nursing staff to automate the patient care and control of alerts, enrolling patient data in a correct and accurate way, as well as the automation of administrative procedures and follow-up the medical tests automatically and store results of the patient's electronic medical record system.

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