Injaz e-Government Achievement Award launched

Published 21 Dec 2009
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Injaz e-Government Achievement Award launched
Riyadh - Minister of Communications and Information Technology, H.E. Eng. Mohamed Jamil Mulla launches Injaz e-Government Achievement Award, which is supervised by the e-Government Program – Yesser.
“The Injaz e-Government Achievement Award is an important mechanism for supporting the development of e-services and information technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with the aspirations of its government to provide extraordinary efforts in adopting transitional initiatives from “traditional government services” to those of an “information society.” The remarks of H.E. the minister were made during the press conference held in the ministry premises on Saturday December 12, 2009 (25 Dhul Hijja 1430H).
 The Minister added “The Kingdom's “Injaz e-Government Achievement Award” is an important mechanism for encouraging, motivating and valuing government agencies to provide better and more easy-to-use services for individual and business customers, and integrated electronic services with a high efficiency for individuals and business.”
Through the e-Government Program "Yesser", the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is looking forward to achieve the goals and vision of the country by structuring an effective and advanced system capable of achieving the electronic development, which  directly contributes to the development of the country and citizens as well as increasing the returns on the national investment.
Injaz Saudi e-Government Achievement Award aims to serve members of the community - citizens, residents and business sector - through the availability and activation of the electronic services as well as motivating the government bodies in order to provide better services. This is in addition to the involvement of society members in the process of developing the government electronic services to better standards.
While Engineer Ali Bin Saleh Al-Soma, the General Manager of the e-Government program "Yesser" said “The Injaz e-Government Achievement Award is just a part from Yesser’s initiatives, the program is the organizer and coordinator for the award committees without interfering in the arbitration process”.
 “Yesser” program through achievement award provides six awards divided according to the kind of dealing among the sectors. The first award will be granted for the sector that provides better service for society individuals, however it is provided to the governmental sectors the efficiently contributed in developing the electronic services provided for citizen and resident to lead to contribution of increasing the productivity and efficiency of public sector.
The second category will be granted for the best cooperation among the governmental sectors such as the best service provider. This award is granted for the governmental sectors that had proven the best use of information and technology for providing electronic services for other governmental sectors in an integral and efficient way to ease and fasten the dealings accurately with the governmental sectors.
The third category will be granted for the aim of promoting the national economy and will be granted for the governmental sectors that have contributed in improving business environment with concentration over these initiatives that attract the investments, new enterprises and the enterprises of developing business in the King Dom which directly contribute in increasing proceeds of national investment.
The forth category will be granted for the winner of electronic leadership and will be granted for the more developed governmental sector in the fields of communication and information technology. At the time of granting the award, the efforts exerted by the governmental sectors in the field of developing the procedures and systems of business besides the developing of human resources and change management will be taken into consideration. Moreover, looking comprehensively toward the initiatives inside the governmental sectors which aims at transforming into an environment without papers providing its services per hour in a high efficiency and quality way.
The fifth category will be for the contributors in minimizing the electronic gap. This category recognizes quality projects that provide missing critical solutions to increase access to government by the public. These projects provide an enabling technology solution that “bridge gaps” between government agencies’ systems or technologies and other key enabling systems or technologies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. The award aims to raise awareness of the importance and value created by these projects within government, regardless of their size or scope.
The last category is granted to individual members of the public who participate in contributing creative and innovative e-service related concepts or ideas which may improve the quality of government e-services.

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