A pioneering project to develop Mathematics and Physical Science in General Education

Published 22 Mar 2010
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A pioneering project to develop Mathematics and Physical Science in General Education
Riyadh, eMedia:
Minister of Education prince Faisal bin Abdullah Bin Mohamed Al Saud launched lately a project dedicated to develop mathematics and physical science in General Education. The project is aimed at preparing a generation of innovators through applying mathematics and physical science in everyday life. Accordingly, this will help in developing communication and practical skills, logical justification and analysis, self education and integrating technology in the Education process.
While the project is planned to start at the next academic year, it will be applied on male and female students of grades 2 and 5 at the primary stage and grade 2 at the preparatory stage. Additionally, students of Special Education all over the kingdom are included as well. Most of the remaining phases of the project will be frequently implemented during the coming three years.
The Ministry of Education applied successfully the first phase of the project on students of grades 1 and 4 at primary stage and grade 1 at preparatory stage.
Regarded by Minster of Education as an integral project that includes all elements required to enhance Educational process, it will help develop skills of teachers exploiting latest technologies in methodological process. Consequently, the students will be pioneers in two important fields of science, upon which scientific and economica development is based. The partnership with community and private sector will be the most important aspect of education at the future, stated the Minister.

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