E-system between Jeddah and Makkah municipalities

Published 22 Apr 2009
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E-system between Jeddah and Makkah municipalities
Jeddah and the Holy City province municipalities recently signed a cooperation agreement for management and operation of health certification program to standardize the rules of health data for all workers in food and public health establishments, and exchange of experiences in transfer of certificates which bear the logos of security that are difficult to falsify.
The Director of coordination and development initiatives Department of Jeddah Province municipality, Ibrahim Saba, was quoted by Saudi Press Agency as saying that the agreement comes within the framework of cooperation and transfer of expertise between the two municipalities, as well as their keen to provide quality and fast service for workers in food business areas which require issuance of health certificates to make sure they are free from infectious diseases.
The agreement also aims to develop the electronic system for issuing health certificates, which will lead to elimination of manipulation or attempts of fraud, as well as to ascertain the seriousness and integrity of medical tests in a step to apply an integrated system linking all medical update and ongoing integrated database.

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