Ministry of Education forms committees for ERP

Published 22 Apr 2009
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Ministry of Education forms committees for ERP
Riyadh - Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, Minister of Education, has issued a decision to form a supervisory committee for administrative and financial resources management project, (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP), headed by Deputy Minister of Boys Education Affairs, Dr. Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Sabti.
The Ministry of Education, as Saudi Press Agency reported, stated that the project is based on the interests of labor and importance of automation of financial and administrative departments in the ministry of education as the project {Enterprise Resource Planning} (ERP) is one of the most important strategic projects for the next phase.
It was decided that the functions of the Supreme Supervisory Committee is to identify the vision of the project, its objectives and priorities, overall supervision, adoption of implemented strategies, plans, policies and procedures. The Committee will take all necessary decisions and recommendations for running the project, in addition to approval on the amendments and implementation orders of the project.
The decision stipulates to form a project executive committee for reviewing the outputs of the project and follow up performance and works continuously.

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