King urged Ummah to resume its role in rebuilding Human civilization

Published 22 Nov 2009
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King urged Ummah to resume its role in rebuilding Human civilization
Makkah - Saudi Arabia is resolved to fight those expressing deviant thought and extremism and to dry up their resources as they are a force holding back the advancement of the Muslim Ummah, King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, said in Makkah Saturday in a speech during the 10th Holy Makkah Conference, called “Problems of Muslim Youth in the Age of Globalization.”
In his speech delivered on his behalf by Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah, the King called on Muslim scholars to stand firm in the face of extremist ideology to prevent it from corrupting Muslim youth.
“We are facing two enemies – the first, which is abroad and belongs to us but is away from our path, has distorted our image with irresponsible actions that we have been heavily paying for. The second enemy, which is inside with us, has seen the attempt to hijack moderate Islam by ignorant gangs, absolute liberals and advocates of politicization,” the King said.
The king pointed out that the extremism has sneaked into the Kingdom, but the fight against it has been fierce, including the fight against the infiltrators from Yemen who wanted to capture land and terrorize civilians at the southern border, adding that the Saudis were united, supported by the solid stance of Muslim and Arab countries.
 “It is an open world and no one can live in isolation. The Ummah should take a leading role in providing our youth with modern technological education, besides the teachings of Islam, through a balanced and moderate approach. It is a shame if we don’t take the initiative,” the King said.
He called on Muslim scholarly societies and media to inspire youth with cultural and educational programs designed to instill the spirit of moderate Islam.

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