E-training caravans spread Internet literacy in villages

Published 23 Jul 2011
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E-training caravans spread Internet literacy in villages

Riyadh, e-media:
E-training caravans – an initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – have been travelling to various Saudi villages over the last three months to provide much-needed computer literacy and Internet courses for both young and old, the Saudi Press Agency reported, saudi gazette reported.
The caravans have helped the elderly get over their fear of using modern technology and helped curious children who wanted to learn how to use the Internet.
The elderly have had an opportunity to use the Internet and benefit from the wealth of information available online, in sciences, culture, business and entertainment.
They have also been trained how to sign up for emails, how to use chat and video programs to contact and see their children studying abroad, how to set up accounts for business purposes and how to access cultural, social and marketing sites.
Children were enthusiastic and curious about how to use social networking sites, play games on the Internet and download different smart phone programs.
High school graduates learned how to register on various sites, including universities, Ministry of Higher Education, language learning centers, and how to chat with their friends and exchange photos and video files.
Being the first initiative of its kind in the Kingdom, the E-training caravans’ initiative focused primarily on eradicating computer illiteracy in Saudi villages using a modern approach to education and training.
The caravans stop for a week at each village to give residents 10-hour training sessions throughout the entire period. Each caravan has specialized trainers and classes with a capacity for 16 students, young and old.
The caravans have so far been to six regions, 12 governorates, 34 rural complexes and have conducted 100 courses which have benefitted 1,550 students over a period of three months.
The caravans have coordinated their work with charities and social development committees at villages and governorates in Tabuk, Hail, Al-Qassim, Asharqiya and Asir regions.
Supported by other relevant national projects, this initiative has achieved many positive results and contributed to educating village residents about computer and Internet usage, in addition to offering free basic courses in communications and information technology for working class people.
The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to spread digital knowledge among all sectors of Saudi society.

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