Centennial Fund Launches Online Training Service

Published 24 Jan 2010
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Centennial Fund Launches Online Training Service
Riyadh. Centennial Fund, represented by the  Voluntary Training Council has launched here yesterday an online training service week for its employees in cooperation with Sada Academy Forum and the Arab Volunteer Development Advisory Board.
The electronic training includes specialized training programs through the Internet. According to the (SPA) the service is aimed to raise the spirits of the volunteers and increase their knowledge and upgrade their general skills in various fields such as marketing, administration and communication skills etc… so that these will help the owner of the project through the "guidance" service provided by the Fund and the financing of the project.
The participation in the program is by an initial registering with the Sada Academy Electronic Forum through the Voluntary Training Council of the Centennial Fund where the volunteer will be give a pass word and a secret number for the program which will be declared open by the Volunteers Relationship Management on time.

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