Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce Wins E-government Award

Published 24 Feb 2010
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Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce Wins E-government Award
Dammam. The Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has won the e-Government award for the category "Government Organization's and Official Institutions Sites."  The Chamber of Commerce has won the Innovative Design Award, within the competition organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in conjunction with the Internet Awards Academy in the Arab Region.
The Award also aims to appreciate the efforts of Arab Governments which have Web Sites on the Internet to provide services to citizens and residents, or to provide information and achieve greater transparency for users under the techniques used by global eGovernment.
According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Abdurrahman Al Rashid  told "Al Yaum" newspaper that the new award is of particular value in terms of quality and award-winning excellence, pointing out that the Award will bestow new responsibilities on the chamber with respect to performance of the concept of electronic institution approved by the chamber five years ago.
The Chairman of the Chamber added that his organization was among the first to endorse the generalization of the institutional memory and the use of computers in all its works in addition to the generalization of e-chambers by providing services to subscribers in the Eastern Region.

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