Jeddah Municipality Inaugurates Inquiry Service about Complaints 940

Published 24 Feb 2010
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Jeddah Municipality Inaugurates Inquiry Service about Complaints 940
Jeddah. Jeddah Municipality has recently inaugurated an inquiry about complaints on 940 at its website. This development came as a result of the Municipality's initiatives to activate its e-services for citizens.
The service allows the website visitors to search for reported complaints to see the procedures taken using the report number.
The Supervisor of Transactions Management of the Municipality Engineer Mohammad Qattan said that the Transactions Management has completed  about 15,000 reports and sent them to the concerned managements, adding that there are 50 of the Municipality's employees working round the clock to help citizens by receiving their complaints and sending them to the concerned departments. The supervisor added that some of the reported complaints take only a few hours to finalize while others take several days because of the repetition of some complaints which require reorganization of the work. He explained further that there is a certain period of time that any complaint shall not exceed until the complaints cycle is completed

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