Supreme Council of Justice exploits e-Services offered by TVTC

Published 24 May 2010
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Supreme Council of Justice exploits e-Services offered by TVTC
Riyadh, e-Media:
Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed Al-Yehia, Secretary-General and Official Spokesman of Supreme Council of Justice "SCJ" signed lately at the Council's headquarter with Dr. Ali Bin Naser Al-Gafies, Governor of Technical & Vocational Training Corporation "TVTC" A Memorandum of Agreement to utilize e-Services offered by TVTC.
Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdullah Bin Hameed, chairman of SCJ pointed out that this MOA states that TVTC will provide SCJ with all available e-Services and applied systems, so as to be well exploited according to a mechanism that will be then agreed upon. Such e-Services and applied systems will be utilized and developed as required by SCJ, he said. This will help make benefits from TVTC's expertise and specialized human resources in fields of training and consultations in different regions of the Kingdom pursuant to regulations related to community service system adopted by the Corporation, he added.
The Corporation, he stated, will contribute in choosing and electing efficient trainees graduating from its diplomat and bachelor stages in the Kingdom's different regions, so that they can join SCJ as per its administrative, technical and technological requirements. A committee representing both sides will be formulated to follow up, coordinate and execute terms of this MOA overcoming all possible obstacles.
On the other hand, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed Al-Yehia, SCJ's Secretary-General pointed out that this MOA will focus on the technical aspect with regards to two elements i.e.; training SCJ's employees in the field of technology, and formulating a technological matrix of the SCJ's internal software.

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