Al-Qassim Municipality deliberates requirements for e-Transformation

Published 24 Jun 2010
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Al-Qassim Municipality deliberates requirements for e-Transformation
Buraidah, e-Media:
Al-Qassim Municipality organized lately a workshop on "e-Transformation" at King Khalid Center to deliberate readiness for e-Transformation at the Municipality and its branches.
Eng. Ahmad Bin Saleh Al-Sultan, Mayor of Al-Qassim, delivered a speech on this occasion asking all Officials at Municipality and its branches to support the trends towards e-Government. He pointed out that keen efforts should be exerted to achieve a streamlined process of transition after IT infrastructure are completely ready. Evaluating all such efforts  will be based upon real results of e-Transformation especially appearing in simplifying transactions of customers and instant production of information and reports, he stated.
Eng. Saleh Al-Amry, IT manager at Al-Qassim Municipality, illustrated some samples of current expertise showing procedures taken and steps for future expansions within the Municipality's plan which is dedicated to achieve a comprehensive e-Transformation.
During the workshop, a group of Specialists pointed out the importance of e-Transformation which will be expectedly reflected on high performance of Municipalities. In the same respect, the workshop threw light on mechanism of activating the e-Payment "SADAD" to be executed at Municipalities. The workshop finally concluded with some recommendations that were about a streamlined e-Transformation at the Municipal sector in Al-Qassim.

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