SFDA to complete Swine Flu Vaccine Tests

Published 24 Oct 2009
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SFDA to complete Swine Flu Vaccine Tests
Riyadh -  The Saudi Food and Drug Agency (SFDA) is scheduled to complete Sunday tests to ensure the safety of the swine flu vaccine.
SFDA Executive President Mohammed Al-Kanhal said in a statement to "Okaz" newspaper that the tests were still being conducted at the SFDA laboratories but that the agency would maintain full transparency in announcing the results, whether positive or negative.
The Undersecretary for Preventive Medicine, Ziyad Maimish, said the higher committee tasked with the issue of swine flu would meet Sunday with the SFDA officials to discuss test conclusions. He denied that students in the Eastern Province were being inoculated with the swine flu vaccine, saying that the vaccines will only be administered upon completion of the tests.
Maimish added that no confirmed swine flu cases had yet been reported among students across the country.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:32 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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