Kingdom celebrates World Meteorological & Earth Days

Published 25 Apr 2010
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Kingdom celebrates World Meteorological & Earth Days
Jeddah, e-Media:
Under patronage of Prince Turki bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, president of Meteorology and Environment "PME", events and celebrations of World Meteorological and Earth Days are to start today in Jeddah Province.
Saleh Al-Shehry, vice president of PME stated that these events and celebrations are envisioned to clarify strong relationship, coherence and real partnership connecting Man with his Planet.  They are also aimed at throwing light on applicatory systems that are planned to show how the appropriate life style can preserve environment lessening dangers related to human hazardous activities.
Al-Shehry pointed out that events of the first day will start with an official inauguration at Jeddah Hilton, including a variety of visual shows, one of them will be an imitation of the Meteorological phenomenon causing Jeddah latest Torrents and Early Alerting-system, in addition to another show about PME titled "Jeddah Shores Pollution". Skilled students will participate in inauguration events where a female student from Dar AL Hekma College will deliver a visual show on Black Cloud Project. Events of second day will include lectures delivered by a number of experts and specialists.
Cleaning events will be distributed throughout different areas of Jeddah, including southern Cornish where different-aged volunteers will participate with attendance of various social segments like Saudi football stars and well-known persons. Covering, in addition, northern Cornish and other areas, events will last till Thursday with an event at Al-Raouda Area.
It is worth mentioning that volunteers for cleaning Jeddah Shores are about 1000 persons distributed in different areas of Jeddah.

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