An outstanding developed portal launched by Saudi Land Forces

Published 25 Jul 2010
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An outstanding developed portal launched by Saudi Land Forces
Jeddah, e-Media:
Royal Saudi Land Forces “RSLF” launched its portal with an outstanding touches reflecting the development continuously implemented in such a Corps.
Since its beginning, Such a portal has been rich in its content offering a variety of services for business sector in particular.
When reviewing the Portal, the development touches are apparently clear especially related to the Origin Culture of one of the most important branches of Armed Forces throwing light on the humanitarian support and social communication.
A quick browse shows the simple and obvious message inspired about  the Royal Saudi Land Forces including strictness, power, boldness, humanitarianism and man building.
The Portal has come to point out the notion of transparency adopted by the RSLF when dealing with business sector where a set of services are easily offered including announcing competitions available, their extensions of periods, closed competitions, results, relative executive provisions, conditions of General Competitions..etc.
Submitting a distinctive service within the Business sector services, RSLF has attempted to show all spare parts locally produced in addition to relevant high quality photos of such parts  with technical specifications so that visitors can get all information required. The Portal includes links to precious publications issued in the Military scope for visitors.
It is worth mentioning that the RSLF’s portal which is, has been established as a preliminary stage to be the infrastructure for more advanced future services.

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