SAHER launched in Qassim

Published 25 Aug 2010
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SAHER launched in Qassim
Beridah, e-Media:
Saher system will start working today in Qassim where Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Qassim, launched it today in Berida.
In a press statement, the prince confirmed that such an e-System is regarded as a significant means that keeps security and safety for citizens and residents.
Accidents occurring in the Kingdom reached higher rates in comparison with other states the world over, he said pointing out the necessity to focus on such an issue dedicating it more priority and interest.
Pointing out the keen interest of the Second Premiere in this regard, he stressed that the Government will strictly face any negligence against traffic rules and instructions committed by vehicles drivers where penalties will be firmly executed in accordance with times and duration relevantly specified.
The Prince was briefed by Qassim Traffic Director brigadier general Abdulaziz Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalf on the e-System’s mechanism. He also listened to methods of monitoring traffic violations.

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