General Auditing Bureau signs a contract to Adopt Electronic Transactions

Published 26 Jan 2010
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General Auditing Bureau signs a contract to Adopt Electronic Transactions
Riyadh.  (SPA) -  In its pursuance of implementing the Council of Ministers decision to expedite the adoption of computers in all financial and accounts transactions, the President of General Auditing Bureau, Osama bin Ja'far Faqih signed here today a contract on studying computer environment in the Bureau and preparing technical specifications and conditions being required for the application of Project of Transformation into E-Operations.
According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the contract aims to survey all services and the technical requirements necessary for transformation to the e-government, and survey and document all transactions and procedures in accordance with its rules and regulations with regard to the main activities of the Bureau
 and the supporting activities and also survey the present situation in Government Agencies
 to select  10 government agencies which are ready to connect with the Bureau to begin an experimental application with them In preparation to generalize it. According to the SPA,
five experiments shall be studied in the audit mechanism and transition to electronic transactions in a number of developed countries to take advantage of the best and most  effective among them. An integrated plan for transformation into e-government shall be made and computer use shall be generalized in the Bureau for e-audit to include integrated executive plans for all the activities of the Bureau in addition to identify the technical, equipment  and human needs for the execution of the these plans and the time needed for the stages and the priorities.

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