PVPV Presidency launches e-training for its employees

PVPV Presidency launches e-training for its employees
26 Apr
Riyadh - General Presidency for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of vice (PVPV) on Sunday launches electronic training for its employees at Marriott Hotel in Riyadh.
Deputy General President Prof. Dr. Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al-Huaimil, stressed that the project aims to provide accredited electronic training courses in all its audio, video and text forms, and provision of different e-communication tools, for raising competence of Body’s employees and their performance.
He added, as Al-Jazirah newspaper reported, that project‘s key sections include provision necessary infrastructure for operating the electronic training system in computer network, servers, operating systems and protection systems and link them to the internal portal of the Presidency, a system for e-training management that consistent with international standards as well as preparing electronic training hall at the headquarters of the Presidency.

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