Arabic Domain Names registration begins on two stages

Published 26 Apr 2010
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Arabic Domain Names registration begins on two stages
Riyadh, e-Media:
Communications and Information Technology Commission "CITC" represented by the Saudi Network Information Center (Saudi NIC), announced the dates for beginning the Arabic domain names registration under the Saudi Arabic ccTld (.sa). The registration will be opened through two phases, in the first one of them or (sunrise period), government and business sectors will be able to submit their registration applications to register their names as an Arabic domain name. This phase will begin on 17-6-1431H and ends on 30-7-1431H.
On the other hand, the second phase or the (land rush period) will begin on 18 -10-1431H where the registration will be opened for all the interested parties on a First-come-first-served basis .
Sultan Al-Malek, the CITC's spokesman, confirmed that two organizational bylaws were approved, the first one which is general and permanent is dedicated for Arabic domain Registration (.sa), while the other which is private and temporary is dedicated for organizing registration process under the same Arabic domain. This motivating step has come as a part of the CITC's efforts made to elevate internet utilization among Saudis, he added.
Saudi NIC invites all specialists and persons concerned with Arabic Domains to be informed with the new acts and bylaws published on the its website:
At the first stage, any entity can apply for Arabic domain names registration in accordance to its official name, trade name or trade mark that is in Arabic as stated in the Commercial Registration Certificate, trade mark certificate, or the official name of the government or semi-government entity with no change, abbreviation or translation. In addition, priorities will be for government and semi-government applications, otherwise, Arabic Domain names will be allocated for any entity having older official documents as per date of Commercial Registration Certificate or Trade Mark Certificate provided that such certificates should comply with Names desired to be registered. In the second general stage, any person will have the opportunity to register an Arabic Domain Name as per precedence.

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