MODON launches its Integral GIS for unified surveying

Published 26 Apr 2010
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MODON launches its Integral GIS for unified surveying
Riyadh, e-Media:
Saudi Industrial Property Authority "MODON" finished lately the first stage of its project dedicated to constructing a GIS for industrial cities titled "MODON Maps", after it activated a special online version for its customers including industrialists, web visitors, investors who wish to invest in industrial cities so that they may access the system easily through MODON's website.
The lately launched GIS is aimed to provide through its website:, a Unified Surveying Reference ensuring accuracy of identifying free areas and leased ones in those cities including industrial, housing and investment locations. This will help identify and specify surveying of each locations with the capacity of search and queries about factories' information, types of industries and investment. 
The said system attempts to complete surveying of all industrial cities all over the kingdom to be linked with the general network of roads and cities. In this respect the system covers 17 industrial cities spread over the kingdom including cities of Riyadh first and second ones, Dammam first and second, Al-Ahsaa first, Jeddah first one, Mecca, Medina, Assir, Najran, Tabuk, Al-Jouf, Ha'yel and Al-Qassim in addition to other new cities in Jeddah, Kharj and Sudir.
On the other hand, the system includes an internal specialized version for MODON employees related to allocations procedures where MODON can automate such allocations processes to provide best and effective services for customers. In addition, this version avails a unified interface including geographical maps and applications showing all updates and changes for all industrial cities.
Utilizing this internal version, MODON employees can issue reports about status lands spread throughout all industrial cities as per type of investment, available land lots, comparing areas of factories to its factual sites in addition to issuing and printing maps and detailed sketches with different shapes and sizes.
MODON has planned to provide customers, investors and industrialists with information about achievements of industrial cities including updates about factories, services, and housing areas in addition to other vital information.

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