3 Million Muslims converge at Arafat mount for Hajj

Published 26 Nov 2009
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3 Million Muslims converge at Arafat mount for Hajj
Arafat - Million of pilgrims who gathered for the annual hajj pilgrimage to Islam’s holy city of Mecca, will perform “wuquf” (standing) at Mount Arafat today.
Wuquf is the most important ritual in the Hajj pilgrimage, as the pilgrimage is considered invalid for those who do not make it for the event. On this day, the pilgrims face Mecca and pray from noon to sundown.
Security forces and other government agencies were striving to clear the mess caused by the rains and guarantee a safe and peaceful stay for the pilgrims in Mina.
Saudi authorities have warned pilgrims to move carefully amid Wednesday’s storms, the first in years to occur during the Hajj.
Meanwhile, health officials scrambled to assure pilgrims that the deluge isn’t going to exacerbate the spread of infectious diseases.
“The health status of the pilgrims is secured. The ministry isn’t worried. There aren’t new cases of swine flu so far,” said Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah in a public statement. “There have been a few accidents due to slipping because of the heavy rain.”
He pointed out that the ministry prepared three hospitals and 26 health centers in Arafat to serve the pilgrims and receive cases. There are also medical teams and emergency teams scattered in Arafat.

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