"Mauhibah" Wins ISO In Information Security

Published 27 Feb 2010
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"Mauhibah" Wins ISO In Information Security
Riyadh. King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity "Mauhibah" was awarded the International Organization for Standardization Certificate "ISO 27001" in information technology. This brings to 18 the number of Saudi Government Agencies which succeeded in winning such a certificate.
The Director General of Mauhibah, Dr. Khalid Al Sabti disclosed to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that his Foundation sought to make the internal working environment electronic in implementing its projects in order to increase coverage, to ease expansion and for wide spreading, this he added necessitated more focus on information security and to ensure compatibility of standards used by Mauhiba with the best international standards.
In another development, the Director General of Information Technology Department Eng. Faisal Al Fiheid said that the scope of the certificate won by Mauhibah includes all information and patents of information technology in the foundation. These he added include information used through information technology systems in the foundation such as e-mails and databases. The Director added that his foundation strictly follows the international standards in information security and completed all policies and procedures in that regard and began implementing them more than 8 months ago and will continue to implement these standards on all systems and technical services through its internal operating team.

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