Health Sector development discussed at Saudi Conference e-Health 2010

Published 27 Apr 2010
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Health Sector development discussed at Saudi Conference e-Health 2010
Riyadh, e-Media:
Under auspices of prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, President of General Intelligence and the Honorary President of Saudi Association for Health Informatics, Saudi e-Health Conference 2010 is to be organized by the Association in partnership with King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. Held on next Sunday and lasting for 3 days in Riyadh, the Conference will discuss latest developments in the fields of e-Health.
Dr. Bandar bin Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qenawi, Rector of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and General Director of Executive Health Affairs at the National Guard, confirmed that his University's participation in the conference has come to stress the importance of communications and IT in health sector development. The said conference has attempted to complement the efforts made by the University regarding development of its Health Informatics especially that it is one of the Middle East Region pioneering universities which created an M.S. program for Health Informatics from which more than 50 researches graduated, he stated.
In the same respect, the University established an Excellence Center for Health Informatics which has been envisioned to develop and apply latest scientific and research achievements in this field so as to have well-qualified national professionals qualified for designing, developing and applying Health Informatics systems and localizing such a kind of Knowledge.
On the other hand, Dr. Majed Al-Twigary, Head of the Saudi Association for Health Informatics and the General Superintendent of the Conference, pointed out that topics to be discussed at the conference include main concepts and applications in the field of applicatory Health Informatics and systems. Discussions will also cover systems related to preparation, implementation, financing resources and how to be well-utilized, in addition to evaluation of Health Informatics solutions in reference to health care, he added. The conference will tackle another set of topics such as National e-Health strategies, applicatory Health Informatics as viewed by health practitioners, views on applying the medical e-File and Smart Health Care in addition to the preparedness of Health Informatics and e-Health in general.
The conference is expected to be attended by more than 50 CEOs in the fields of Health and other related sciences from all over the world to submit a wide-ranged scientific papers and researches. It is worth mentioning that a specialized exhibition, the biggest of its kind all over the Middle East, will be held in parallel with the conference availing opportunities for IT and Health Services developers to participate and share knowledge.

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